Our mission is to start a discussion through the lens of political philosophy. We want to find common ground amid division and conflict and help others orient themselves in their societies. We want to probe the limits of what is practically possible and offer new ways of understanding, interpreting and organizing our political culture. And we want to show that there is still hope for the world, while reconciling the inequality and cruelty that surrounds us.

At first this may seem like a broad range of topics to be covered by bachelor and master students. But we hope to create a culture of conversation to raise awareness, deliberate and shed light on the intellectual thought processes happening in and outside of the classroom. We want to examine questions in both applied and global ethics, justice and democracy theory, social philosophy and political economy, and even political history and meta-ethics.

We want to not only start a conversation at our university but among students around the world. We welcome students to contribute from wherever they are. To accomplish these goals, we will publish an edited journal of about 6-8 essays bi-annually. Each semester we will accept essays on any topic of special interest and we hope to bring together a wide group of young scholars. Each essay will be reviewed under a blind-review process to ensure that we are really choosing work of the highest quality. The reviewers’ main criteria is finding the most promising essays in terms of argumentation, structure and tone. Collaborative work is also pillar of the culture we want to build with this journal. If we are interested in your essay, review or post, you will be assigned a personal contact from our journal team to make your work into the best it can be. This might be immensely helpful if you need guidance or criticism on a project you are working on.

Some students might be interested in reading this journal to become acquainted with philosophical thought on politics. Some might find it useful to find inspiration for an essay they are writing. And others might find it refreshing to indulge in new perspectives on the methods and theories we use to navigate ourselves within the world. Whatever the reason you have found yourself here we are more than happy for your input.